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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Punkin' Head

Well, Jack had his first trip to the Pumpkin Patch!  The Dallas Arboretum decorates for fall (I think I read that they have over 10,000 pumpkins and I believe it!). It was gorgeous.  Jack was totally into it.  He was pointing at all of the pumpkins.  He realized that I would tap on whichever pumpkin hewould point at, and that was great fun for him.

I have been using the stroller lately since he can look around and move around a bit better in it (as opposed to the Ergo).  But, to be honest, I really prefer the Ergo.  Much easier to get around with (the stroller is a big pain!!) and I actually like having Jack close to me.  He feels far away in the stroller and I worry about him.  When he's in the Ergo I know right where he is and how he feels.

But enough of my rambling!  Here is a super cute Jack Bug picture from this weekend!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Nine Month Accomplishments

So I don't forget (as I plan on making an actual baby book for Jack and will probably refence this for much of the information), here are the things Jack learned to do during his ninth month:

* points at things he is interested in or wants to know the word for (or points at his stroller if he wants to go ourside)
* claps (and claps for people he likes or things he likes, sooooo cute)\
* crawls
* waves
* feeds himself
* can go from laying down to sitting

OK, I guess those are the main ones.  Busy boy!!


Long Day for Buddy Boy

I guess it is tough being a little one. 

Today we went to lunch in Dallas with my work buddies.  Many of them have kids and babies so there were quite a few other kiddos there.  Jack, of course, was the only fussy one.  But I think he was bored and overstimulated (can you be both of those at the same time??).  He cried a few times when people started clapping but then fussed like crazy when it was quiet and he got tired of sitting in his little chair mashing up crackers.  He was his happiest when we took him outside and sat on the bench looking at the cars and people in the parking lot (lots of stuff for him to point at out there). 

Aside from the stress of that (for some reason, that stresses me out - I guess I just want him to be happy and comfortable and it is very hard for me to relax when he is not relaxed), we had a good time.  I only go into the office twice a months and only a few of the people we met today are still working there, so it was nice for me to see everyone (and pizza from BJ's is never a bad thing, either...).

We had to run some more errands in Dallas, so after lunch we went to Babies-r-Us for a baby gate.  Jack was so happy in the store.  Lots to look at and it wasn't as loud, I guess.  He sits in the cart now and I think he likes to look around at everything (and reach iback into the cart and grab things to chew on).

And THEN we went to Central Market.  I love that place.  I wish it was closer, although we have been there every weekend for the last several weekends despite the drive.  We loaded up on yummy cheeses and breads, fruits, granola, tea, chocolate, steaks and baby food.  Jack also got his first balloon.  What is cuter than a chubby little boy in a pumpkin shirt banging a green pumpkin against his head and squealing the whole time?  I wished I had my camera, which was in the car.  The balloon made it home but Jack let it go and it floated into a skylight so I don't think we'll see it again until it runs out of helium.

At Central Market, we invented a new changing table.  It is called The Playpen Box Covered With the Shopping Cart Seat Cover on the Ground in the Parking Lot.  See picture for proof.

But my point of this whole story is that now, Jack is passed out from his long day, sleeping like a little angel.  The last few nights have been so tough as far as sleep goes.  Getting to sleep and staying asleep have been difficult.  Jack has been waking me up around 3-4 AM every morning trying to crawl in his sleep.  Then he rolls around and fusses and cries and sometimes wakes up, sometimes stays asleep.  But either way - I don't sleep through it! 

I know, it is the price I pay for sharing a bed with my baby, and I wouldn't change that, so I can't complain - but oh my, some solid sleep would be nice!  I am banking on the fact that he won't be in our bed forever and that someday I will be able to catch up on sleep.  But who am I kidding - by then we will probably have another one!!