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The Official Third Trimester Whine

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Official Third Trimester Whine

I wish the title of this post was the The Official Third Trimester Wine...because I really could use a big fat glass of Zin right about now...but alas, that is not the case.  This is (WARNING!!) a genuine WHINE about all the fun things that come along with the third trimester.

I have been lucky.  My pregnancy has been, for the most part, pretty darn easy.  I think that it's been easier this time around than it was when I was pregnant with Jack.  If you had asked me last week how I was feeling I would have told you, "great!"  But if you ask me how I'm feeling today and tell you "great!" - I am lying. 

Overall, yes, I am doing "great", I suppose.  No complications, no health problems, not on bedrest and still able to get around.  But right around the 34-week mark, things took a turn towards the uncomfortable.

I think my text last night to Charles (as I was laying in bed next to Jack, waiting for him to fall asleep), sums it up.  It went something like this" "restless leg syndrome, baby doing gymnastics in my belly, and burping up puke."

If you have ever had Restless Leg Syndrome before...well...I'm sorry.  It is miserable!  The feeling that you absolutely, positively MUST move your legs when you are trying to fall asleep is nothing short of brutal.  To make it worse, another pregnancy side-effect is cramping (especially in your calf muscles).  This probably wakes me up 2-3 times every night.  So, while my legs are tingling and itching to move I feel like I just need to contract my calf muscles and point my toes to make it go away, but as soon as I do that I end up with major charley horses in my calves.  So I am at Charles' mercy and end up begging him to please, PLEASE rub my poor legs so I can get some relief.

Now on to the baby doing gymnastics in my belly.  This is kind of a cool thing.  I can feel her twisting, turning, kicking, punching.  But as she gets bigger, her twists and turns become more uncomfortable.  Her kicks and punches start landing in places I would prefer they not land (think bladder and cervix, and a punch to the cervix feels just like you imagine it would).  They go from being pleasant "white noise" in the background as I fall asleep to quite the opposite.  I am torn between fascination and wondering if I am getting new stretch marks with every kick (because really, how much farther can my stomach possibly be pushed out??) and thinking "ok, enough...I am ready to get some sleep!"

So as I lay there last night, awake and with twitching legs and belly, I experienced another great pregnancy phenomena.  Acid reflux.  But not the kind where you have painful heart burn (thank goodness for that).  Instead, the kind where you think you need to burp and the next thing you know your mouth is full of bile (awesome, right???).  So great.  Extra great when it happens not once, not twice! but three times.

And that's not all, but even I am getting tired of all my whining.

But before I end this whine, let me just add two little things. 

1. Our house fell out of escrow (shoulda seen it coming - the silver lining here is that we have another couple who is interested and it looks like that will work out - the downside is, this means I will be 36+ weeks pregnant and moving - have I mentioned my last baby was born exactly at 37 weeks??).  :::SIGH:::  I am going to try not to whine about that too much...the end result is our new house next to a Starbucks and I have to keep my eyes on the prize (daily Venti Passion Fruit Tea, Unsweet, people!).

2. We found a record five scorpions in the house yesterday.  A teeny tiny baby one in a trap, two in the garage, one in the bathroom and my personal favorite, a giant one under a bunch of bananas in our fruit bowl (I got a picture of that one and I'll be taking a picture of the baby as well, he was actually kinda cute).  Really fun to pick up the bananas and find a pissed-off scorpion. 

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