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Part 2 - Sized Cloth Diapers on an Infant (a comparison of several different brands)

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Part 2 - Sized Cloth Diapers on an Infant (a comparison of several different brands)

If you read the first post, you've seen my comparison of several different "one-size" diaper brands on an eight-week-old baby of 13 pounds. For Part 2 (that would be this post!), I am going to show you how all of our "sized" diapers fit the same baby.

bumGenius 3.0 All-in-One / AIO (Size Small)

Sadly, this diaper has been discontinued. So I'm kind of teasing you by showing this...but I'm going to show you anyway, in the off-chance you can pick some up on eBay or Craigslist. Because they are awesome.

When Claire was a newborn, we used the bumGenius newborn AIO diapers (just like the one in the pictures, only smaller). Although we did have occasional leaks in the newborn diapers, (again, the whole fat-belly-and-skinny-legs thing) we rarely experienced them in the size smalls (probably because her thighs had chunked up by the time she fit in these).

These were incredibly easy to use and due to the size (not bulky like a one-sized diaper), they were ridiculously trim. These were the diapers I threw in my diaper bag when we went anywhere.

Unfortunately, they only fit her for a couple of months (I was lucky and had picked these up a deep discount when they were discontinued, and I have saved them all in case we have another I feel like I more than got my money's worth).

FuzziBunz Perfect Size (Small)

This has to be my favorite sized diaper. Claire was probably close to 10 pounds before they fit, but she's currently about 17 pounds and we still have room to grow in these diapers.

They are on a small setting in this picture - if you could see her in them today (hmmm...another post, maybe?), you'd see she still has lots of room to grow. And, they are incredibly trim (I replaced the microfiber inserts in most of them with FuzziBunz hemp inserts and that made them even trimmer). Here's an idea of how trim they really are (it's about as noticeable as a disposable would be, only in a cuter color)...

Also? They are inexpensive - about $14 each - and I feel like when it comes to sized diapers, you can't beat the value of these (since she'll actually be able to wear them for months before she outgrows them). FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diaper = WIN.

AppleCheeks Envelope Cover - Size 1

This was one of the cutest diapers in my stash. Sadly...Claire only fit in it for a short time. She had almost outgrown it when this picture was taken (at just 13 pounds).

This diaper cover (insert not included) was expensive ($19), considering the short time Claire was able to wear it. The Size 1 supposedly fits to roughly 20 pounds, but that wasn't the case for us (she had outgrown it around 14-15 pounds). They do sell extender tabs for the waist, but they seemed kind of expensive too ($8) considering they would probably only buy us a few more pounds.

I stuffed the diaper with a bumGenius newborn insert and I must say, it was super trim - and the ruffles?? OMG. Too. Cute.

But. along with fitting for only a short time, I also had some leaks out the back (the tag is sewn on to the back of the diaper, and pee leaked out of the stitches - boo).

So, while I liked the trim fit and adorableness of this diaper and have saved it in case we have another baby, I wouldn't make an entire stash out of them (nor could I afford to).

Drybees AIO (Small)

I wanted this diaper because I liked the print. So when I saw one for sale on eBay, brand new for $9, I bought it.

These diapers are supposed to fit as early as 6 pounds. In our case, they were still quite large around the legs when Claire was 8 pounds...and honestly, we had continual leg leaks until she had outgrown this diaper completely (which was right around 15 pounds).

The velcro was great (nothing more annoying than bad velcro!) and the print was cute. I just wish it hadn't leaked!

When it comes to sized diapers, my recommendation is to get them cheap or buy a brand that's going to fit for awhile (or, wait until they're a bit older and their growth has slowed down some). Yes, you get a trimmer and truer fit, but babies just grow so darn fast in the beginning!

And if you want to see how one-size cloth diapers fit, check out Part 1 to this post (you can really get some bang for your buck with one-size diapers).

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