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The 21st of April

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The 21st of April

With April 21st, my baby girl turns nine months old.  Still not sleeping (of course), but now crawling, waving, clapping, and getting into everything (EVERYTHING!). I all of a sudden feel how quickly this year is flying by.  And like I have done the past seven months on the 21st, today I recorded our day, in pictures...a diary of sorts (not that this whole blog isn't a diary!), a way to remember just how quickly these days are passing.

And today's post will be shorter than previous posts, because I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES for, like, half of the day.  But that's okay.  I'll make up for it in wordiness, I'm sure!

8 AM

My day started off a little like this:

Tea.  Just regular Lipton black tea, with a bag of Yogi Ginger tea and a few fresh mint leaves,  Steeped for several minutes and then poured over ice.  Yummmm.  I am getting a little tea-envy right now just looking at this picture, and it was my own glass this morning.

10 AM

It's nap time for Claire.  But, does this look like a tired baby?

I think not.

The last couple of days, nap and bed times have been extra trying.  Not only does she not want to stay asleep, but now she doesn't want to go to sleep to begin with, either.  So, a couple of nights ago I just laid in bed with her (rather than rocking her) and "ignored" her to sleep.  So far, so good.  After a some really cute baby faces (see above), my trick worked!

And once Claire falls asleep, Jack shows off his favorite toy...Bumblebee (a transformer, and this particular toy is the biggest piece of crap ever and constantly if you see it at Target for $4 and think, "what a great deal!" - don't buy it!).

12 PM

After nap time, we decide to go to Costco.  Because that's what married couples with small kids do on a Saturday afternoon.  All of them,

Long story short, my Dad loves Costco and bought us a membership.  When we were kids, he always wanted to take us shopping with him and we hated it.  Hated it!  But here I am, twenty years later, looking forward to an afternoon at Costco and wondering what delicious goodies they will be handing out and what random brand of children's pajamas will be on sale today.

But before we go to Costco, I have to get ready.  As in, put on matching clothes and real shoes and even makeup.  This is an astonishing event and I *do* remember to take a photograph of this.  

The best part of my self-portrait is that I found my self-tanner.  I was looking all over the bathroom for it when I was getting ready and finally gave up, figuring Charles had moved it (making it all but lost).  But then I take this picture and the first thing I notice is the bottle of self-tanner in the background.  Score!

Oh!  And I got mail today.

I love Zulily, but I hate how long it takes to ship (yesterday I received a diaper and a baby dress in the mail I had completely forgot I ordered).  Anyway, the shirt that arrives is CUTE and I want to wear it out tonight to a girl's event with the neighbors...but it's too small.  Boo.

On the drive to Costco, we pass this - one of those "only in Texas" kind of things...a school bus that has been converted into some sort of Nascar fan-mobile.  I don't know how else to describe it.  It stunk, and pulled over on the freeway as soon as we passed it.

1 PM

First of all, how cute is this...

It didn't last long, but it was fun while it lasted.  

And this is why I love favorite shampoo at a less-than-ridiculous price:

Then we come home and before I know it, it's nap time again.

3 PM

And I ask you again...does this look like a baby that wants to sleep?  At all?

But I'm on to her tricks and she is, indeed, tired.

Which of course doesn't mean she actually stays asleep.  She keeps waking up.  I finally cave, and let her sleep on me while I read.

5 PM

Before I know it, it's almost time for my big night out.  WATCH OUT, Dallas.  I try to wear these shoes, but they are vetoed by Charles (whose fashion advice I always take with a grain of salt, but in this case, I kind of agreed). 

But it doesn't really matter if they were cute or not, because next time I go out I won't have to stress over which old pair of shoes I'm going to wear.  Because tonight I bought new shoes.  At the Blue's Jean Bar, of all places.

One of my neighbor's is part of a Mom's group, and the Blue's Jean Bar stayed open for us after hours to try on jeans (and shoes!).  Wine was had, jeans were tried on, and shoes were bought.  AND, I got a few hours out with the girls...and who doesn't need that every now and then, right??

11 PM

And now?  I'm home.  Claire is asleep.  I've had a full and beautiful day.

And will you look at that...I thought I was short on pictures and this would be a short post, but it looks like a short post is something I just am not capable of writing!  

Peace, love, and new shoes to all.



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