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Snow is Fun and All, But...

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow is Fun and All, But...

This month has been amazing, weather-wise.

Most of the days have fallen between 60 and 75 degrees, with one day creeping up around 80.  Shorts and t-shirts weather.

I felt myself long for boots and sweaters every now and then, but then I remembered how cold boot and sweater weather is and I went back to appreciating the sunshine.

But, as we closed in on Christmas, I did wish - just a teeny, tiny, little bit - that we'd maybe have some chilly weather for the big day.  Something that might merit a fire in the fireplace and lots of cuddling on the couch.

A few days ago the weatherman said that there was a chance we might have snow on Christmas.  Snow!    A white Christmas!

I live in Texas, so I know better than to hold my breath or make any serious plans based on the weather report.  But still...snow!

And then, on Christmas Eve, I lay in bed and listened to the house take a real lashing from the first serious storm we've had in months.  Lightning, thunder, hail pelting the sounded pretty serious.  I checked the weather app on my phone and saw that the temperature was dropping.

It rained all morning.

But around 1 PM, we saw our first sprinkling of...snow.

As the afternoon wore on, the rain faded away and the snow took over, blowing around our house and blanketing the lawn.  The kids were getting excited.  Jack kept saying, "I can't believe it's snowing on Christmas!" while Claire just pointed outside and said, "NO! NO! NO!" over and over again.

Watching their excitement escalate, my heart grew warm as the day grew cold.

For a bit, it was great fun, and we ventured outside to take part in this winter weather.  Jack, with socks on his hands because we don't own any mittens (we live in Texas...we don't need mittens!), made snowballs and threw them at Charles.  Claire, bundled up and cozy in my arms, squealed with delight.

Snow!  Well, the start of it, anyway!

But before long, it was just...cold.  Wet, cold, and slick.

This morning, I looked out at the snow and admired it for everything it is.

It's amazing.  It's beautiful.  It's sparkly and soft and clean and makes everything bright.  It mutes all of the sounds I am used to...even in the house, things sound a little quieter and less echo-y.

Charles and Jack went sledding (Texas-style - with the lid of a trash can) with the neighbors this morning.  They were gone for over an hour.  When they returned, Jack was excited and talkative and regaled me with tales of sledding and getting lost in the woods (which didn't happen).  I helped him step out of his snow-encrusted boots and covered his splotchy red cheeks with my warm palms.  And then, we took off both pairs of pants he was wearing, both pairs of socks, his big heavy jacket, his fleece hoodie, and his long-sleeve shirt and tossed him in the bath because he was "cold."

Good thing Jack got new boots for Christmas.  Rawwwrrr!

Shortly after, I walked down to the mailbox to get the mail, dodging icy patches and slippery snow and wishing I'd worn a jacket.  To get the mail.  I ran back inside and looked at the giant pile of clothes on the floor from this morning's adventure.

And you know what?


Oh sure, it's fun and beautiful and amazing.  For a day.  Especially on Christmas!  But after the first 24 hours or so, I'm pretty sure snow is more of a pain in the ass then anything else.

Maybe it would be different if I were better-prepared.  If I had proper snow clothes and mittens and hats and scarves for the kids.  And a mud room and a snow shovel and kids who were old enough to play inside by themselves all day.

But since I don't have those things, I'll just be grateful that we had a white Christmas...and that the snow is starting to recede.

Is it Spring yet?

Do you have snow?

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