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The 21st of November

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Monday, November 21, 2011

The 21st of November

Can someone please tell me how my baby is FOUR MONTHS OLD today?  Where is the time going?

I almost forgot that today was the 21st of November...and Claire's "four month birthday" until I randomly looked at the clock and realized all at once that we had missed the great morning light for her four month glamour shots!  And then I realized that I had also forgotten to start taking pictures as soon as I woke up for my "21st of..." experiment (see more here).  So...nothing unusual to a slow start.

9:30 AM

I start off my day doing...wait for it!...laundry.  What else, right?  Also no different than the last few months?

Jack is not dressed.  Although you'll notice he's in UNDERWEAR and not a diaper...woohoo!  He's playing with "his" iPhone right now (my old phone with a few toddler apps, his favorite being Talking Tom Cat, the cat that repeats everything you say...yay?).


An hour later and I'm still working on that laundry.  By the looks of it, I haven't made much progress.

But something else wonderful happens at 10:30...Jack poops ON THE POTTY and is seen here enjoying his reward.  A measuring cup full of chocolate.  I don't even know what to say about that (the measuring cup, and the chocolate).


Here is where I try to do something great.  I pull out all of the circulars from the newspaper and cut coupons and start browsing the pre-Black Friday sales.  I think, "Yes!  I will make a list of who I need to shop for, go through these circulars and find the very best deals, cut out the appropriate coupons, organize them, and tomorrow I will make my purchases!"

The reality is that I started this project while Jack was playing trains and Claire was scooting around on her tummy.  Neither child was interested in these activities as soon as I started cutting coupons.  What you see here is the extent of my coupon-cutting, Christmas-list-making intentions.  In fact, if you walked in to my kitchen right would see this very stack of coupons and circulars, just moved to a chair so the table doesn't look so cluttered.


I actually just got off the phone with Jesika and am now entertaining the kids (who were good! and let me actually talk!) with a dinosaur book.  Claire, at four months old, already loves books.  


Claire takes a nap on me.  Jack, still in his underwear, is on the couch watching "Aloha Scooby-Doo" which is actually THE WORST MOVIE ever made.  Ever.


Does anyone want to come clean up these toys for me?


Sigh.  More laundry.  When did my life turn into one giant load of laundry?  This time, I'm folding diapers while the baby plays on the floor next to me.


Maybe my favorite picture ever?  I was cleaning the bathroom and these "dishes" needed to be taken out to the kitchen.  A bottle used to store pumped milk, a giant cup from Dickey's BBQ that I drink tea out of almost every day, and a very empty wine glass.  This pretty much sums me up.  


The never ending cleaning continues.  But this is fun cleaning.  Look how cute Claire's little bows are, all organized!  The truth is, she rarely wears them because we rarely leave the house, and she's going a little bald so they are kind of hard to keep in...but I can't stop buying them.


I did go through a box of random diapers and other assorted baby junk today.  These diapers and inserts are going to be donated to the DFW Cloth Diaper Project.


See that?  It's a clean, vacuumed thanks to me.  Charles did it.  


After nearly an hour and a half of rocking Claire (she kept waking up, and the thunder wasn't helping any), I finally am able to put her down, run out and say goodnight to Jack before Charles does his bedtime, and log on to the laptop.  It's raining outside so it's kind of cozy in here, all dark and peaceful with the occasional sweet baby sigh in the background.  

And with that...peace out.

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At November 22, 2011 at 12:47 PM , Anonymous Mary Green said...

My baby turned 4 months on the 20th, how weird is that? He was born July 20th this year.

At November 22, 2011 at 2:04 PM , Blogger Carrie said...

That is weird! I guess it was a good time to be born! :) Can you believe it's already almost DECEMBER?? I keep thinking, "But, my baby was just born and it was really really hot outside..." and I'm in denial she's four months old and I should be Christmas shopping.


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