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The 21st of September

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The 21st of September

I got this idea from Jill at Baby Rabies.  She recorded a "normal" day in the life by taking a picture every hour.

I thought this was a fabulous (FABULOUS) idea and wanted to do the same thing, right away...but I kept forgetting.  And forgetting.  And forgetting.  And then I wanted to use the fancy camera and take awesome and creative photos of my "normal" day but the big camera is so...big...and so I put it off again.  Then last night I decided that TODAY WOULD BE THE DAY (mostly because Claire is two months old today so we were going to do her two-month old photo shoot and I knew I'd remember if we were taking pictures already)!! And...I set alarms on my phone to remind me and I STILL forgot to take a picture first thing when we woke up.

When my phone alarm dinged at 9 AM I was so mad at myself for missing the "wakeup shot" I had intended (you have no idea how cute Claire is when she wakes up!) I almost put it off again.  But then I decided not to.  My reality is, after all, forgetting to do what I am supposed to be doing and being a little bit behind in general.  So how appropriate that my pictures would be missing the first picture of the day!

Also, I decided to be really honest and take the pictures doing what I was actually doing on each hour...rather than maybe waiting a few minutes for a "better" chore or taking one early because Jack was being cute, etc.

I loved this so much, I am going to try to do this each month.  What a great way to look back and remember these days and see how much things change.

Enough of my rambling.  Here it goes!

9:00 AM

This is embarassing.  The house is a mess. Jack is just in a diaper.  I am in my pajamas.  The baby is in her swing (look at her go!).

10:00 AM

Look!  I picked up!  I am still in my pjs, but Jack is dressed.  I just finished nursing the baby and I am burping her.  Jack is "playing music" with his toy hammer and Janga's crate.  He is not allowed to touch Janga's crate.  I am happy he's not making a mess with his toys so I pretend I don't notice.

11:00 AM

We finally get out of the house and go for a walk.  That green blob you see is the baby's head.  Well, it's the baby carrier covering her head (love you, Ergo!) while she sleeps.  Jack walked this far but jumped into the stroller right after I took this.

12:00 PM

I am nursing the baby.  Mostly, I was nursing as an apology for an unsuccessful and ill-received attempt at removing boogers from her cute little nose with the nasal aspirator.  

1:00 PM

Lunch and laundry while the baby naps in her swing.  Yes, that laundry is on the dining room table.  I usually fold it while Claire sleeps in the Ergo.  Today she gave me a few minutes to fold laundry all by myself, but I woke her up when I started crunching on the carrots (no joke).  Again, I love my Ergo.  Not sure that I would get anything done without it.

2:00 PM

Jack is asleep, so while Claire is nursing I catch up on some quality TV (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills).  As you can see, the toys have started to make a comeback.

3:00 PM

Jack is still asleep.  I put the baby's favorite toys out and lay her on the bed to look at them.  This buys me about five minutes...long enough to pick up all the mess from this morning's baby Glamour Shots photo shoot that we left all over the floor!

4:00 PM

As Jack finishes his snack, I change Claire's diaper.  Which I take great care in picking out (it needs to match her outfit since we are going to the mall soon) and which she promptly poops in.  But no worry. I have more than one orange diaper, so I put on another.  Which she also promptly poops in.  Sigh. 

5:00 PM

Off to the mall we go!! I ride in back with the kids.  Charles and I talk about how AWESOME it is that we have all the stores we like and need just down the road from us.  YAY!!

6:00 PM

While I scour Bath and Body Works for Halloween candles, Charles and Jack find this amazing park...with a TRAIN.  Jack is excited to show me the train and his "boyfriend" that he met (hehe!).  It's cooled waaaaay down but it's still hot and I know Jack was actually thirsty because he didn't even complain that I gave him water instead of juice.  

7:00 PM

We go to Houlihan's for dinner.  Charles and Jack are inside the restaurant but guess what I'm doing?  I'm nursing the baby, who I nursed right before we went into the restaurant but who decided she was hungry again after pooping at the dinner table.  This reminds me...I seriously need to get a nursing cover.

8:00 PM

I was actually nursing the baby at 8:00 (do you see a pattern here?) but Charles and Jack were outside playing with the neighbors and Charles had the camera.  So he took this right when he came in, when I was getting Claire ready for her bath.  I might wear a little makeup when I do this next month.  Ha!

9:00 PM

I just finished nursing the baby and am rocking her to sleep.  There is no way I am taking any pictures that require a flash, so I take this one with my phone instead.  It's a night light next to my rocker.  As I am rocking her to sleep, I am so grateful that I can do this and that she still needs me.  We saw some parents surprise their 16 year-old daughter with a brand new car tonight after dinner and they saw me standing with Claire watching and said, "Start saving, this will be you in no time!"  Well, I am pretty sure I won't be buying Claire a brand new car for her 16th birthday but I am sure that this time is flying by and that it won't be long before I was wishing I could rock her to sleep.  I mean geez, at least when I am up at night with her now I know where she's at and what she's doing!  I don't want to think about how I'll feel when she's 16 and out on the town.  OK, enough digressing.

10:00 PM

I start putting this together.  In the dark, because I am in my room and Claire is asleep in her bed and I'm still too nervous to leave her alone.  Also, I am still in shock that I have a child that sleeps by herself, if only for a short time each night before she wakes up and comes to bed with me, and I am convinced she is going to wake up any second.

So there you have it.  A day in the life.  

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At October 18, 2011 at 1:47 AM , Anonymous foxy said...

An awesome day. Your house is beautiful. So clean.


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