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The 21st of August

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The 21st of August

It's the 21st of August.  Hard to believe that a) I've been recording the 21st of each month, in all its mundane-ness, for almost a year now, and b) my baby is 13 months old.

I kind of failed at recording today (:::SIGH::: - what else is new?) but I'll give it my best shot.  And my best shot will be the condensed version, because it's kind of late and I'm tired and the baby is not sleeping well and blah blah blah...

So, here we go!

Charles took the kids to Starbucks because I guess we don't have any coffee in the house.  He asked me if I wanted anything and I said no...HA!  I lied.  Lucky for me, he knows better.  He returned with iced tea and the breakfast of champions (a "Protein Plate," which should actually be called The World's Biggest Ripoff, but what are you gonna do when you want a hard-boiled egg and some grapes, right?).

After breakfast, I start getting ready for my dentist appointment.  Which is at 9:30.  As I'm getting ready the kids run amuck in the bathroom (as usual).  Which is a mess (as usual).  And which is interrupted by a phone call from the dentist office confirming my appointment at 9:30 - TOMORROW.  So, I'm off the hook for one more day.

And kind of unrelated, this picture shows Claire walking back into my closet...which is where Jack is.  Jack calls the closet the "Wild World," which he picked up from our pal Cat Stevens.  He always asks Claire, "Claire, do you want to come to the Wild World with me?" (only, his "r's" sounds like "w's" and his "l's" sound like "y's").

Since I won't be going to the dentist today, I take the kids outside and Claire gets some exercise.  It's ONLY 71 DEGREES out!  In August!  In Texas!  We stay out until it starts to rain.

Claire has pretty much given up taking two naps a day and is down to one, but today I really need her to sleep and be rested.  We have an appointment at The Nappy Shoppe with Mountainpony Photography for a mini photo session at lunchtime.  Today I luck out and convince her to nap for a bit.

I forget to take any pictures at The Nappy Shoppe!  Boo.  :(

But when we return, Claire has a package waiting for her.  It's her first Breyer horse, a birthday gift from her Auntie Jesika in California.  This gift is a WIN (and not just because I like it).

I get all serious and tell Jack he must stay on the couch for "quiet time" - which requires he sit on his bottom.  Does this look like a boy who's sitting on his bottom?  I think not.

While Jack is resting watching Transformers, I spend some time playing with Claire.  This child is as sweet as she looks (except when she's screaming...then maybe she's not so sweet).

After I get tired of enforcing quiet time, we go out back to play.  Until I notice the myriad of mosquitoes infesting the slide and general back yard area.  Tonight, Dallas (and us, even though we're not technically Dallas county) is getting fogged for mosquitoes.  I don't watch the news but apparently Dallas is the West Nile Virus Capital of Everywhere.

We end up playing out front after Claire's second nap, and Jack and Claire run around with the neighbor kids.  While I drink wine.  From a box.  

I just bought a new domain for my blog, and I'm changing my blog's name, too.  I played around with some logos (and this is why I'm not an artist...!) and ate some Avocado Oil Potato Chips, too.

Maybe my favorite picture of the little Transformer, Optimus Prime, transformed to his truck state.  Jack spends a lot of time transforming (complete with sound effects) these days.  In fact, when things get tense or he gets in trouble or when he wants to avoid me, he "transforms."  Which sounds funny now but is really not that funny when you're telling him to go to his room.

But when he's playing around, it's very cute.

Those little fists next to his ears?  Those are exhaust pipes (in case you couldn't tell).

I told Jack to bring me a book to read, and he brought me, like, ten.  We read a book about Pete the Cat and his groovy buttons, another one called Please, Puppy, Please, and then The Little Red Caboose (are you still supposed to underline book titles?  I know a lot of things have changed since my days in Junior College).

And that's it!  

If you're having trouble sleeping, you can read about some of our past 21sts of the month, starting back in September.  A whole year ago.  Which means that next month will be the last time I do this for awhile.  

I'll try to plan something special!  



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