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The 21st of October

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The 21st of October

Guess what?  Claire is THREE MONTHS OLD today!  Wow.  I've said it before, I will say it again, and I'll say it here now...time is absolutely flying by.  I swear it's going by faster with Baby #2.

On the 21st of every month I dress Claire in the same cute pink diaper and we do a little photo shoot.  Last month, I was inspired by Jill at Baby Rabies to take pictures throughout the day to document what a normal "day in the life" is like.  Well, I liked it so much that I have decided to do it every month on the 21st (because I hopefully won't forget on those days as we start the day off taking pictures!).

This month, I admit I was a little bored with my day.  I was hoping the 21st of October would coincide with some super fabulous trip to the pumpkin patch or an exciting trip to, I don't know, Target or something (if it's me, by myself, with both kids...I can guarantee you those are pictures you would want to see, HA!).  But, truth be told, today was pretty darn boring.  I didn't have anything exciting to document (and even if I did, I only had my phone with me today...not even the little digital camera, let alone the Big Camera Beast I am a little bit afraid of but that makes everything look way cooler than it really is).  I am putting this together thanks to my iPhone (with a little help from Instagram).

Boring or not, was a day filled with healthy and happy kids and for that, I am grateful.  So, let the fun begin!

9:00 AM

The picture is blurry but it still says a thousand words.  In a nutshell, this is what I get to wake up to each morning!  Claire sleeps the first part of the night in her bed, and I bring her to bed once she wakes up.  Then I see this smiling face in the morning.  And even better...this morning she slept in until 9:00 and even better than did Jack.

10:00 AM

Breakfast of champions.  Pancakes (Jack calls them "pan-a-cakes") and hash browns from McDonald's. But the juice is organic!  From Central Market! That makes it ok, right??  Hehe...

11:00 AM

This is my third attempt to convince Claire she really wanted to take a snooze in the swing.  She really didn't think she wanted a nap at all, thankyouverymuch.  Charles finally talked her into taking a quick snooze.  While he did that, I enjoyed another very large glass of tea.

12:00 PM

Claire's nap is over (she did sleep for 40 whole minutes though, so I am not one to complain!) and we all know Jack isn't going to nap (sigh) so we are watching "Up" on the couch.  If you have not seen "Up" before...please see it.  I am confident in this recommendation (unlike the time I recommended Kill Bill to someone who weeks later told me she went to see Kill Bill because someone had recommended it and she hated it so much she walked out of the theater...and no joke, she didn't remember I was the one who recommended it so I didn't say anything...HA!).  Seriously...this movie is amazing.  It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it makes me grateful for what I have and it inspires me...and Jack loves it, too.  This particular part of the movie is extra great.  Dug, the dog, had just said to grumpy old Mr. Frederickson, "I have just met you and I love you."  LOVE this.

1:00 PM

The first picture?  A few cloth diapers I just hung outside (the sun removes stains better than any stain remover could).  The second picture?  Nursing baby in my lap.  This picture is kind of tripping me out...the hand next to Claire's side and leg is *my* kind of looks like she has a giant hand or something...!

2:00 PM

I am going crazy being inside the house, so while Charles tries to convince Jack to take a snooze on the couch (HAHAHAHA) I take Claire for a stroll.  There were more turtles on that log, but I was too loud walking around the corner and a bunch jumped off before I could take their picture.  And the squirrel...well, he is clearly challenging me to mess with him and make him move!

3:00 PM

Playing on the floor with both kiddos.  Well, mostly protecting Claire from projectile tow trucks.  But guess what else happened during floor time?  Claire ROLLED OVER.  From her back to her tummy.  Twice.  By herself.  Jack was four and a half months old before he even attempted this.  Claire has been working on it for about three weeks now, and today she succeeded.  And as soon as she gets on her tummy, what does she do?  Starts kicking her little legs and moving her little arms around...this kid wants to move.  Jack didn't crawl until he was ten months old.  I am thinking this is going to be a whole different ballgame!

4:00 PM

Ummm...anyone want to help me put some laundry away?  There's plenty to go around...

5:00 PM

We go for another walk, and this time Jack, Charles and Janga come with us.  And this time, I make sure everyone is quiet so I can sneak up on the turtles and get this picture.

6:00 PM

We are going to the neighbor's house for dinner so I make Jack lay on the floor so I can change his diaper.  The diaper has been changed and he is pushing the limits here by putting his feet on the baby.  Over and over and over again...I just gave him my "serious" voice and he's debating about how serious I really am (for what it's worth, it worked...foot was removed!).

8:00 PM

Claire is ready for bed at 8:00, so I bring her home and give her a bath (she sure doesn't look very tired in this picture, does she?).  

It's now 1:00 AM and I guess all that tea is taking it's toll, because I'm not tired.  However...the baby monitor is blinking and I imagine Claire will be waking up sooner rather than later.  

And with's off to bed I go.

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