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The 21st of May

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Monday, May 21, 2012

The 21st of May

It's the 21st of May.  Claire is ten months old (which means I need to start thinking about her first birthday party...WHAT!?) and today, we were busy.

When I remembered it was the 21st (again! already!)...and that I was supposed to be taking pictures to document the Excitement of Our Daily Lives...I was kind of happy to realize that I only have to do this FOUR more times (OK, technically I could quit now, I guess, but I want to keep this up for a year and by golly, I'm more than halfway there and not stopping now!).

Today was a busy day, so I'll just break it down by activity rather than hour by mundane hour (you're welcome).

Guess who woke up bright and early, all smiles and giggles, at 6:30 AM?  Well, we know it wasn't me...and if you've been around Jack when he wakes up, you know it wasn't him...

It was Claire.

6:30 AM is the crack of dawn in my world, but I dragged my ass out of bed and for once (FOR ONCE!!) the house was spotless clean and there wasn't a thing to pick up.  And Jack was still sleeping peacefully.  So I did what the good housewife/mom would do, and I started cutting up some of the eight million pieces of produce I picked up at Sprout's yesterday so Jack could have a bowl of fresh fruit to munch on throughout the day.

A peach, a banana, a handful of strawberries and a basket of blackberries later, he had one good-looking bowl of fruit waiting for him.

He still wasn't up by 7:30, so I stuck Claire in her highchair and loaded her tray up with banana, peach chunks, and blackberry pieces.

Mmmmmm.  Claire approved.

Ten minutes later, she was covered head-to-toe in fruit mush, and I had a cleaning project after all.

To the bath!

I'm pretty sure she's wondering WHY I'M TAKING HER PICTURE instead of cleaning her off!

A morning bath was great fun!
Jack woke up shortly after and as I looked around my clean house, I only had one thought: "We must leave."  Because you *know* that a three-year-old and a ten-month-old are pretty much a clean house's Worst Nightmare.

So I asked Jack if he wanted to go the zoo, and he did.

Here's where I'm going to plug the other blog I write for...Today's Mama DFW.  I wrote about how much I enjoy the zoo a few weeks ago, and I thought it would be fun to go today before it gets to be completely miserable outside.

I loaded up the diaper bag and the picnic basket (because picnics are fun!) and slathered the munchkins in sunscreen, and it was off to the other side of Dallas for a morning at the zoo.

It was warm, yes, but we have annual passes so I never feel like we have to see it all every time we go.  We stayed for about an hour and a half...just long enough to visit the Children's Zoo, get attacked by the Lorikeets (no, really...three landed on my hat and got into a huge fight on my head and pulled my hat off and one pinned the other to the ground and started eating his wing while the third flew back to the the top of my head and started pulling at my hair and pecking at my ear while he screeched over and over again in excitement as his buddies brawled...awesome!), enjoy a picnic and ride the carousel.

I'm totally that girl who goes to the zoo to see the...horses.  This little fellow had quite the unique coloring.  I couldn't get his whole body in one shot so I took two and pieced them together...he kinda looks like he could actually be two different horses.
You'd think that a morning at the zoo would make for a nice long nap, but no such luck.  This was as closet to "napping" as we got.

He's awake.  I actually thought he was asleep when I took this picture, but, I was wrong.
While Jack rolled around on the couch watching Transformers, I put up laundry and simultaneously herded Claire.  Between pulling the toilet paper off of the roll (fun!) and ripping this nightlight out of the wall, she kept me pretty busy.  And that's just in our bedroom.

After "quiet time" - which is what we call it around here, even though it's rarely that quiet - I wanted to get out of the house again, and it was off to the pool.  

I should note that this is the first time I've actually gone swimming since living here!

It doesn't get any cuter than this bumblebee bathing suit.
But my day doesn't end there!

Back from the pool, I feed the baby and then change into my yoga clothes.  And I fill up this awesome reusable water bottle and am out the door.

And hi ho, hi ho, it's off to yoga I go!

To make my day better, my phone rings as I'm pulling out of my driveway and it's my favorite yogi.  Jesika!  Icing on the cake.

Yoga is extra awesome tonight.  I am able to do a couple of poses that I was previously unable to get quite right, and this leaves me feeling pleased as punch.

My yogi euphoria is short-lived.  I walk in the door to the sound of (what else?) a screaming child.  Claire is tired, and hungry, and wants her Mama!  It's been a long day for all of us.

She nurses to sleep quickly and easily, for once, and Charles fires up the grill to make me a veggie burger slathered in avocado and some grilled zucchini.  Yum.  It was really, really good.  And I felt really good after I ate it, because it was healthy as it could be.  I remedied that, though...nothing a couple of cookies couldn't handle (to be fair, they were mostly organic and not that bad as far as cookies go).

And now?  Here I sit.  Typing away in high speed because I really want to get this done before Claire wakes up and maybe more importantly, I really want to go to sleep.

I.  Am.  Tired.

Goodnight, all.

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